Kira Awards 2014

Another Year of Great Innovations Recognized by KIRA Awards

CMS Consulting Inc. is proud to attend the 15th annual Kira Awards in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Hosted by Knowledge Park, the 16th Annual KIRA Awards continues to be the industry event of the year in NB. Congratulations, and good luck to all of the deserving award nominees. The Award Categories for the 2014 KIRA’s are as follow:

  • Export – Product(s) and/or Service(s)
  • Most Promising Start-Up
  • Special Recognition
  • Community Engagement and Industry Commitment
  • Technological Advancement and/or Innovation (government and/or partnership)
  • Technological Advancement and/or Innovation (private)
About the KIRA Awards

KIRA Awards - Fredericton 2014KIRA first began as an idea in the winter of 1998 as a way of acknowledging the Knowledge Industry in Fredericton. KIRA stood for “Knowledge Industry Recognition and Achievement” Awards and was hosted by Enterprise Fredericton and the Knowledge Industry Task Force (KITF). For the first three years, it was a Fredericton area event. Support for the event was overwhelming – the organizing committee was able to secure enough sponsorship and in-kind contributions to make the event a success. The event has sold out each year.

In 2001, the KITF decided to take the event province wide. Many other knowledge industry-related events were taking place around the province and were considered “province-wide” yet hosted by one Enterprise group. As well, at the time the decision was made to go province-wide, it was decided that the acronym “KIRA” would become a trademark word rather than an acronym. The event is now known, in English and in French, as “KIRA”.

The event was well received as a provincial activity hosted by Enterprise Fredericton, and located in Fredericton. Nominations come from across the province as do the award recipients. The event continues grow in popularity and continues to be sold out each year. 2013 marked the 15th Anniversary of the ever growing KIRA Awards.