CMS’s Records Management Software Services for Governments


CMS Consulting Inc. offers a variety of options and  solutions for governments to choose from for records management, IT Security and more. Governments are able to benefit from CMS Consulting’s reliable security controls, as well as, access important records, as needed.

Data and Records Management

Governmental departments understand the importance of implementing applicable information management systems to benefit the general public at large. This can involve complex and large information clusters, which can be classified into its levels of sensitivity. This allows the government to ensure the overall integrity of the data, while effectively managing its accessibility to respective authorized departments or users.

Purchasing Security

CMS Consulting understands that governmental agencies, that purchase Records Management (RM) Software, may not have the full technical grasp of the software capabilities. CMS Consulting Inc. will pro-actively assist government units in the purchase of records management software.  We are here to serve and assist these government units in short-listing RM Software that will specifically address their department’s needs and requirements. Allow our professionals to outline RM Software specifications and features that will work best for your user’s needs. We even provide training for your department, if needed.

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